Internet Today

The internet is a platform where we access information. It is a veritable tool for teaching and learning in this era of information. It has been designed to inform us and not to deform humanity.

However, it has been corrupted by some individuals who use it to satisfy their selfish interest. This they do by introducing materials that spread information that are capable of polluting the mind, especially the young people who are too young to handle what they are exposed to on the internet.
Every now and then you see a teen with a phone, you can guess what he/she is doing on that phone, playing game, watching a video, picture on ponorgraphy or doing something worse. And all these have advance negative effect on that individual. It is on this ground that many people have come up with different groups on the internet to help the young minds spend their time wisely on the internet. Tylyrics too, has come up with this website to help the teenagers redirect their attention to the right use of their phones and Pc

What you spend your time on, on the internet would either make you an ASSET or a LIABILITY as a teacher or student. " the choice is yours"

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